By Sam

Five Wins at the AIGA 100 Show

A couple Saturdays ago, the Salt Lake City chapter of AIGA held its annual 100 Show, honoring and showcasing the region’s top 100 best pieces of design. Jibe was fortunate enough (and very proud!) to get five of our submissions into the show (if you’re doing the math right, that 5%—not too shabby). It’s always a difficult process determining which pieces to submit to the show. But in the end, we’re very happy with...


By Sam

Lehi City Branding: A Sneak Peek

It’s not very often that a creative agency gets to tackle a rebranding project for a city. But, that’s exactly what Jibe did for Lehi city, a fast-growing town located between Salt Lake City and Provo. As the sixth oldest city in Utah, Lehi has deep, historical roots that have undoubtedly contributed to the city’s cultural identity. At the same time though, Lehi is blossoming with a new influx of business, population,...



By Lee

Jibe 2014: Out with the New

2014. What a year! So many good things. So many good people. So many great, fun creative projects for Jibe this year. Some say “out with the old” at the end of...

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By Sam

Cobbler Cove: A Sneak Peek

It’s not often that a new restaurant concept gets introduced to the world. For the past several months, Jibe has been lucky enough to help grow and establish the...

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By Sam

A Successful Salt Lake Design Week

The week before last marked the fourth annual Salt Lake Design Week, a six-day celebration of all things design and it’s impact on our local community. The broad...

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By Sam

Project Spotlight: Newvo Homes Brand Identity, Website & Motion Graphic

Anyone who is part of the design and advertising world has their favorite types of projects to work on. Some prefer to build a new brand identity from the ground up;...

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By Sam

Jibe Wins Big at the AIGA 100 Show

AIGA, the professional association for design, is a national organization “committed to advancing design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural...

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By Kyle

New Website. New Brand. Same Great Jibe.

We are Jibe. We love great design. We love great content. We love technology. We love advertising. Put them together and you get one awesome new website! To stay fresh...

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By Cheryl

Granite Education Foundation Gala

We have some really great clients at Jibe. Even with all the craziness that inevitably happens at an ad agency, we are pretty lucky. One of the real sweet spots, however,...

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By Greg

Project Spotlight: CUDP Design

Michelangelo and Raphael were rivals – that much we know. When Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo...

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By Greg

Project Spotlight: IAT Target 100 Direct Mail

In the film Ghostbusters, mild-mannered cellist Dana Barrett is haunted, and later possessed, by a demonic spirit by the name of Zuul. Zuul, communicating through...

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By Greg

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Sweetening Life with Mrs. Fields

Communication can be difficult – just ask my friend. When we were in high school, he crashed his dad’s ATV.  He knew he was in trouble and dreaded the moment...

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project spotlight_giltner website




A trucking company based in Jerome, Idaho recently came to us looking to update their website, bringing it to the same level of sophistication and technological savviness...

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By Joel

Reaction Polymers – a budding programmer’s first Drupal endeavor

I don’t particularly like being called “a budding programmer”  but I guess it’s true.  The IT world is full of fierce competition and the...

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By Ali

Customizing Your Heli

Do you ever feel that your Helicopter just isn’t as cool as it could be? If you said yes, keep reading. We were just asked to design a new look for the XINSURANCE...

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XINSURANCE "That's Not Covered" Campaign photography


By Ali

XINSURANCE Gets an Eye Opening Makeover

XINSURANCE isn’t your typical insurance agency, and that’s what we wanted to show the consumer. With a sleek new logo that put them in line with the rest...

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By Ali

Ever After Gala

The best part about working on the Davis Education Foundation’s Gala was seeing the final product in full bloom. We were very impressed with the full turnout for...

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By Ali

Digital Trike Branding

Digital Media Consulting came to Jibe for a new look; a logo and website redesign. They left with a total brand makeover, walking out the door as Digital Trike. Here’s...

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Jibe Pass Your Note


By Jon

Pass Your Note with Jibe

Pass Ur Note! Not sure what you want to say to your loved ones this Valentine’s day? Let us help! Jibe has launched a new, free service that allows you to send a...

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By Dave

Jibe and Jazz Fit

Jazz Fit. What is Jazz Fit? A little over a month ago, Jibe was privileged to work together with MountainStar Medical Group and the Utah Jazz to promote their Jazz...

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