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By Sydney

Why Company Culture Matters—From the Eyes of the Once-Terrified Intern

Let’s be honest. Starting any new job is hard. But starting a new job as an inexperienced intern at a creative company full of talented people: that was downright terrifying. Of course, for anyone who has met the super-rad people at JIBE, you know there was really nothing for me to be afraid of. Besides receiving tons of advice about my work, I was welcomed whole-heartedly into their inside jokes, company BBQ’s, group texts,...



By Ben

New Hire: Ben Bowen

One of my life goals has been to surround myself with people who will inspire me to improve and excel. After a few years in the healthcare industry and a stint running my own small agency, the opportunity to surround myself with a group of passionate professionals has once again come my way. My relationship with Jibe goes back to my first interview for an internship while attending the University of Utah. I actually turned it...

Sydney Bishop


By Sydney

New Hire: Sydney Bishop

Hey! My name is Sydney Bishop, and I am the newest JIBE employee. Actually, I’m an intern—that means I get all the fun jobs, right? I moved from Colorado to...

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By Joel

A Cynic’s Basic Laws of Attraction

Let me preface this post with brutal honesty. I am a realist and a borderline cynic. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why people are as gullible and susceptible...




Why Trust Matters

  “Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him.” -Booker T. Washington Trust Me. Whatever...



By Ali

Cheryl Brings Home the Rockie!

Congratulations to Cheryl, our superstar account manager, for bringing home her very own AAF Utah Rockie Award! We will be welcoming all congratulatory cookies, donuts,...

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By Ali

Vote for Cheryl!

If you didn’t already know, Cheryl is a finalist nominee for the AAF Utah’s Industry’s Finest! Her winning of a wonderful prize (most likely a cruise...

Happy Halloween!


By Ali

Happy Halloween!

And Joel wins the Halloween costume contest! What do you think of his handmade costume? Really, the credit goes to his amazingly creative wife! Believe it or not,...

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By Dave

Adieu Jibe! It’s been gnarley to the bone.

Ten years ago, I walked into a building with one objective in mind: get a job at Jibe Media, LLC. Jibe, at the time, was located in the oddly shaped attic of Key Bank...

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By Ali

Jibe Jogs: You want results? Get them now!

You want results? Well, now you can get results with just 1 hour a week. Join our new and improved Jibe Jogs. Destinations include City Creek, Liberty Park, Millcreek...

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By Cheryl

The Psychology of Color

I spent the last weekend in Colorado visiting family, and got lucky enough to be there on – what had to have been – the best weekend for fall color of the year....

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By Dave

Would you give up _________ for your Smartphone?

This morning, as I was perusing the morning tech tabloids, I came across this fun little “study” from TeleNav: I’ll let you do most of the digesting,...

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By Bethany

Office Snacks

It’s 3p.m. and you‘ve already head-bobbed twice while sitting at your desk in the last fifteen minutes.  A third head-bob could mean a severe reprimand by your...



By Andrew

The Phone Call – SD Card ≠ DVD

Anyone in an IT department has received “that phone call” from someone at work with a computer emergency. These range anywhere from “pretty sure...

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By Andrew

Circles and Groups

There’s still a lot of talk about Google+, so I decided to include Google’s Circles in my post about grouping your social network friends (or foes!). Let’s...

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By Dave

Joel Who?

Web developer, buffer, musician, oh and as Joel has pointed out, humble…these are just a few words to describe Joel Farr. Besides having to battle the intricacies...


Internet Explorer?

Unfortunately, IE is horrible at displaying the internet.