Keynotes from The Music City


By Sydney

Keynotes from The Music City

Last week, a couple of JIBE’s designers (Sam and I) were fortunate enough to sneak out of the office for a bit and visit the enchanting city of Nashville, land of neon lights and letterpress posters. Besides being on the lookout for some killer food and country music, we were there to attend the annual Brand New Conference.   Nashville But back to the country music and killer food. Because wow. As Nashville newcomers,...

Company Culture


By Sydney

Why Company Culture Matters—From the Eyes of the Once-Terrified Intern

Let’s be honest. Starting any new job is hard. But starting a new job as an inexperienced intern at a creative company full of talented people: that was downright terrifying. Of course, for anyone who has met the super-rad people at JIBE, you know there was really nothing for me to be afraid of. Besides receiving tons of advice about my work, I was welcomed whole-heartedly into their inside jokes, company BBQ’s, group texts,...



By Ben

New Hire: Ben Bowen

One of my life goals has been to surround myself with people who will inspire me to improve and excel. After a few years in the healthcare industry and a stint running...

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Sydney Bishop


By Sydney

New Hire: Sydney Bishop

Hey! My name is Sydney Bishop, and I am the newest JIBE employee. Actually, I’m an intern—that means I get all the fun jobs, right? I moved from Colorado to...

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By Sam

Five Wins at the AIGA 100 Show

A couple Saturdays ago, the Salt Lake City chapter of AIGA held its annual 100 Show, honoring and showcasing the region’s top 100 best pieces of design. Jibe was...

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By Lee

Jibe 2014: Out with the New

2014. What a year! So many good things. So many good people. So many great, fun creative projects for Jibe this year. Some say “out with the old” at the end of...

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By Sam

Jibe Wins Big at the AIGA 100 Show

AIGA, the professional association for design, is a national organization “committed to advancing design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural...

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Jibe - The Meat


By Whitney

Getting to the MEAT of the Social Media Marketing Matter

I HATE gristly meat. In fact, I don’t know anyone who likes it. Do you? I didn’t think so. It’s tough, it’s weird, it’s mysterious, it’s flavorless, and...

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By Cheryl

Ivory Homes Testimonial: Turning on the Social Media Light

I was recently having a conversation with my 9-year-old about what makes up North America. Our conversation went something like this: “We should be friends with...

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Jibe Video


By Bethany

Jibe With Us

Where do creativity, strategy, and efficiency collide? Between brainstorming, designing, programming, and social media mastering, these types of collisions occur daily,...

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By Kyle

New Website. New Brand. Same Great Jibe.

We are Jibe. We love great design. We love great content. We love technology. We love advertising. Put them together and you get one awesome new website! To stay fresh...

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By Whitney

One Year Older—and Wiser Too! Happy Birthday Jibe!

Happy Birthday Jibe! As kids, we patiently await each year to pass for the most important day on the calendar—our birthday. Fancy invites, themed party planning,...

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By Mark

Getting Jibby With It – 2013 JIBE JOG CHALLENGE

It’s that time of year again. The time when we shed our layers of wool clothing, expose our pasty white appendages, and put some miles on the old lace-ups. Starting...

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The Importance of Good Design

Design is not a shallow, brainless construct for art school sell-outs or Marcel Breuer wannabes. When done right, it’s problem-solving. Within graphic design...

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By Ali

Cheryl Brings Home the Rockie!

Congratulations to Cheryl, our superstar account manager, for bringing home her very own AAF Utah Rockie Award! We will be welcoming all congratulatory cookies, donuts,...

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By Ali

Jibe Jogs: You want results? Get them now!

You want results? Well, now you can get results with just 1 hour a week. Join our new and improved Jibe Jogs. Destinations include City Creek, Liberty Park, Millcreek...

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By Dave

What advertising should be

Occasionally I come across a piece of advertising magic that makes me proud of the creative class with which I aspire to belong. This video recently marked one of...

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By Andrew

Facebook for Business – Help Page

Just this morning Facebook has opened up a “Facebook for Business” help page to do just that, help businesses thrive on Facebook. There is a common request...

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By Andrew

The Phone Call – SD Card ≠ DVD

Anyone in an IT department has received “that phone call” from someone at work with a computer emergency. These range anywhere from “pretty sure...

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By Dave

Imagine a Place…

Imagine a place Where rivers run wide and deep Surrounded by lush green hills And where the weather is always (ok, probably not always, but at least on this particular...

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By Jon

6 Ways To Ignite Your Business

In the modern business arena, it pays to be ahead of the curve, but very easy to fall behind it. Staying on top of the ever-changing technology can be a mindboggling...

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By Dave

April Fool’s fo’ You

Every year, April Fool’s Day manages to creep up on me like a Ninja in clown attire. While I’ve never truly been victimized on the prankster’s holiday,...

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By Ali

Going Green Guide

Ever find yourself paralyzed at the thought of going green? Deep down I imagine all of us want to save a little money and make a positive impact on our environment....

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By Joel

Firefox 4.0 Released!

Firefox 4.0 As a web developer I’m always eager to see the latest trends in web technology, so naturally I tried out the new version of Firefox this morning. ...

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By Dave

Your Hospital and Facebook

This past week we reached out to our social networks and asked the question: What could your local hospital be doing on Facebook that you would find useful? Below...

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By Andrew

Another iPad, the iPad 2

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Apple products. I’ve been an evangelist for several years and it’s just gotten worse as Apple has entered both...

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Each photo represented a specific category of individuals that would need supplemental insurance. This photo was for firefighters and EMS personnel


By Dave

Addy Award for Jibe

Jibe was fortunate to be honored last night with an Addy award for our work with XINSURANCE. Here’s a visual tribute to the winners (work) and the winners (workers):...

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By Bethany

What type of communicator are you?

Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, we interact with a lot of individuals who each have a different way of seeing the world. That can mean navigating...

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Jibe Pass Your Note


By Jon

Pass Your Note with Jibe

Pass Ur Note! Not sure what you want to say to your loved ones this Valentine’s day? Let us help! Jibe has launched a new, free service that allows you to send a...

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By Jon

Life w/out www?

What happens when the internet suddenly stops working in our office? Do fights break out in the office? Do looters break through the windows, their gloved hands eager...

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By Dave

Jibe and Jazz Fit

Jazz Fit. What is Jazz Fit? A little over a month ago, Jibe was privileged to work together with MountainStar Medical Group and the Utah Jazz to promote their Jazz...

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