By Cyndi

2014 Marketing: A Lesson from Shel Silverstein

Do you remember the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein? Well, if not, spoiler alert, it’s the one where a tree gives away everything it has–from its apples right down to its trunk. After the tree has given away everything it can, the last sentence in the book reads that “the tree was happy.” I’ve often questioned: How could one give away everything they have and still be happy? The late British ad-man Paul...



By Greg

Your 2013 Marketing Trends

By almost any measure, 2013 was an interesting year. Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the Oscars, Justin Bieber’s pet monkey was confiscated, and Miley Cyrus swung into infamy on a wrecking ball. 2013 also brought some new ideas and trends to the world of marketing. I’ve compiled a list of five trends that you likely came across as you tried to market your way through the year that has just passed. While many of these trends...



By Joel

The 5 Must Have’s of a Successful Email Campaign

Let’s face it. It’s getting harder and harder for an email to be an effective tool for a successful marketing campaign. Most of us do everything we can...

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By Greg

Direct Response Marketing: More Than JUST Infomercials

Take a quick look around your house.  Do you have a blanket with sleeves, an oscillating office chair, or a can of spray-on hair?  If so, you’ve probably been...

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By Bethany

YouTube 101: Part 2

YouTube 101: How to Engage Engagement is a form of commitment. That may be a no-brainer if you’re looking at engagement as a precursor to marriage, but I’m talking...

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By Bethany

YouTube 101

Have you seen the Gangnam Style music video? How about Justin Beiber’s song “Baby” with Ludacris? No? Then you probably have been living in YouTube oblivion...

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By Whitney

9 Ways to Use Instagram for Business

There is something completely untouchable about a photo. Photos take us to places we’ll never go, allow us to come face to face with people we’ll never meet, and...

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By Lee

Social Marketing: Effectively Communicating the Value of Your Brand

All marketing is communication. And all communication leaves an impression. Posts, comments, hashtags, banners – all this content is constantly communicating who...

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By Bethany

It’s Not B2B or B2C, It’s P2P

I hate it when people pretend to care. Like the absent-minded “uh-huh”-er that can’t pull her eyes off her phone when you’re bearing your soul to her. Or the...

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By Mark

Ideas for Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

You’re likely familiar with the concept of the sales funnel. There are various iterations of this model, but the basic idea is to utilize marketing and sales fundamentals...

Inbound Marketing, Integrated Marketing


By Brian

5 Steps to Get to Know Your Audience

Whether you are writing, speaking, drawing pictures or sending smoke signals, your intent is to communicate with others. Your success in getting your message to resonate...

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By Greg

Building Brand Relationships on Social Media

When it comes to weddings, I have the worst luck. I generally arrive late to find that Larry, the bride’s uncle, has eaten all of the food and that his kids have...

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3 New Fundamentals of Marketing Success


By Mark

The 3 New Fundamentals of Marketing Success

The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the last 24 months. Market adoption of new technologies, and corresponding methods for information gathering and...

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By Cheryl

Why Marketing Silos Could Be the Death of Your Brand

Marketing Silos “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This implies that something would have to be working, before it could be fixed, right? But how do you know if...

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By Greg

A Man and His Easter Eggs – A Cautionary Tale about Price Promotion

Easter is the most wonderful time of the year. For a few glorious months each spring, you can buy Cadbury Cream Eggs, giant chocolate bunnies, and my personal favorite...

Advertising, Integrated Marketing
LinkedIn Redesign


By Whitney

LinkedIn – The Long Overdue Redesign

I remember the first time I heard about LinkedIn. It was two years ago. I was in Paris visiting my rather ambitious and very well connected friend from college. As...

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