By Lee

“Tina, eat…Eat the food!” and 5 Other Calls To Action

The great Napoleon (Dynamite), uttered these timeless words in his effort to get his pet Llama to eat her dinner. In his forceful approach, which ended with his hurling the homemade casserole on to the ground, Tina did not respond by eating the food, but rather stepped back, staring at Napoleon with no sign of any intention to eat the food. (This was my same reaction to 7UP Gold, the Flowbee, and John Travolta’s look in Battlefield...



By Cyndi

Content Marketing: Sharing is Caring

  Today, we live in a world where we can share more content with more people, faster than we have ever been able to before. Let’s be honest – a huge reason we share content isn’t just because it may be awesome, but also because we want to engage with other people. The use of social networks has made this task easier than ever and has fostered the idea of group mentality. We are able to learn from and in return be...



By Greg

Your 2013 Marketing Trends

By almost any measure, 2013 was an interesting year. Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the Oscars, Justin Bieber’s pet monkey was confiscated, and Miley Cyrus swung into...

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By Whitney

Marketing to Millennials: Part One – Understanding Generation Y

Friday was a rather blustery day here in the SLC. It called for a jacket and some great fall fashion. So I slipped on my oxfords, argyle socks, and long tweed riding...

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By Cheryl

Social Media Marketing: B2B – A Client Case Study

Let’s pretend that you’re the marketing director for Starbucks, and your latest task is to develop a social media campaign to promote your company’s fair trade...

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By Cheryl

How to Turn a Boring Topic into Interesting Content

So your name comes up to write the next company or ad agency blog post. You’re pumped because last time you wrote about your interpretation of the marketing techniques...

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By Whitney

The Moral of the Story – Storytelling for Content Marketing

It was early. It was Monday. It was hot. I had been on a train for eight hours before I finally stepped off the platform into Praha Hlavní Nádraží—that’s Prague’s...

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By Cheryl

Pros and Cons of Guest Bloggers

My husband and I were watching an interchangeable Tom Cruise movie last night where one of the clues to catching the bad guy was a fingerprint on a quarter. As they...

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By Cheryl

5 Benefits of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

As advertisers and marketers we are all familiar with the concept of promoted social media posts—mainly on Facebook and Twitter. But now, there’s another social...

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By Cheryl

Creating a Masterpiece with Content Curation

Imagine walking through a world-class museum in Paris where you expect to see some of the greatest art under one roof. Picture yourself strolling through halls featuring...

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By Bethany

All Hail the Content King

Content is not only king, it could likely get drunk on its own power. You’ve heard it many times—so many times, in fact, that I hesitate to say it again here,...

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By Cheryl

Pinterest: An Inbound Marketer’s Dream

Pinterest has been a wildfire since it was first introduced to the marketplace. Since May of 2011, unique visitors to the site have increased by 2,702%—making it...

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4 Reasons Your Great Blog Post Gets No Hits


By Margo

4 Reasons Your Great Blog Post Gets No Hits

For a kid, a birthday can be the most awesome and terrifying day of the year. Presents! Cake! Attention! A party! But then…what if nobody comes? It’s a...

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By Mark

Ideas for Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

You’re likely familiar with the concept of the sales funnel. There are various iterations of this model, but the basic idea is to utilize marketing and sales fundamentals...

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Social Media Mind Readers and Content Curating Clairvoyants

You’re thinking about lunch. There, we guessed it. We’re mind readers. We’re amazing. We know. Ok, we’re not really mind readers—you’re probably not thinking...

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3 New Fundamentals of Marketing Success


By Mark

The 3 New Fundamentals of Marketing Success

The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the last 24 months. Market adoption of new technologies, and corresponding methods for information gathering and...

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By Whitney

9 Ways to Create Content Your Consumers Value

The 1943 copper-alloy penny is one of the most rare and obscure coins in America—and it recently sold for more than $1 million. The illusive wartime cent, which...

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Using Greater Content to Generate Leads


By Whitney

Using Great Content to Generate Leads (and Dates)

Trying to track down great leads is a lot like dating—especially in our more “social” world. You go to a friend’s BBQ. A photo of everyone at the backyard...

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By Greg

3 Steps for Inbound Marketing Success According to a Venus Flytrap

I have long been fascinated by the Venus flytrap. Even as a child, I was mesmerized by the plant’s ability to devour insects in an animal-like fashion. As a carnivorous...

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