By Lee

“Tina, eat…Eat the food!” and 5 Other Calls To Action

The great Napoleon (Dynamite), uttered these timeless words in his effort to get his pet Llama to eat her dinner. In his forceful approach, which ended with his hurling the homemade casserole on to the ground, Tina did not respond by eating the food, but rather stepped back, staring at Napoleon with no sign of any intention to eat the food. (This was my same reaction to 7UP Gold, the Flowbee, and John Travolta’s look in Battlefield...



By Whitney

5 Steps to Write Great Copy

“ICE CREEEEEAM!!” That’s what I would scream at my parents when I wanted, well, ice cream. Needless to say, I didn’t get any that way. As I got a little older and wiser, around age 4, I learned that when I screamed for ice cream, you screamed for ice cream, and we all screamed for ice cream, nobody got any darn ice cream. However, I then learned that a little tact, a little style, and a lot of persuasion went a long...



By Cheryl

How to Turn a Boring Topic into Interesting Content

So your name comes up to write the next company or ad agency blog post. You’re pumped because last time you wrote about your interpretation of the marketing techniques...

Copywriting, Inbound Marketing


By Cheryl

Pros and Cons of Guest Bloggers

My husband and I were watching an interchangeable Tom Cruise movie last night where one of the clues to catching the bad guy was a fingerprint on a quarter. As they...

Copywriting, Inbound Marketing


By Whitney

10 Ways to Be a Better Writer

On the first day of my last semester, my college professor offered a sentiment that will stick with me forever: “If you have the ability to put words together in...

4 Reasons Your Great Blog Post Gets No Hits


By Margo

4 Reasons Your Great Blog Post Gets No Hits

For a kid, a birthday can be the most awesome and terrifying day of the year. Presents! Cake! Attention! A party! But then…what if nobody comes? It’s a...

Copywriting, Inbound Marketing


By Sam

Be Detail-Oriented or Error-Prone

I must admit that I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to design. After taking typography and design classes in school, I developed an eye for detecting typographic...

Copywriting, Design


By Amorie

How to Be Professional and Conversational When Blogging

Did you know there is a blog all about what a toddler might be thinking? There are blogs dedicated to cats, others to smelly feet, men who paint their nails and anything...



By Whitney

The Power of Great Content

Once upon a time…. You know how the rest goes. Whether it’s a beautiful young girl tricked by a witch, a brother and sister lured into a forest with a gingerbread...


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