By Lee

The WHY Game in Marketing

There is a fun game I play with my kids. We call it “The Why Game”. It’s actually really simple. In fact, we stole it from Disney’s Pinnochio. (Watch 10:33-11:10) Here’s the script: Geppetto: Now close your eyes and go to sleep. Pinocchio: Why? Geppetto: Everybody has to sleep. Figaro goes to sleep – and Cleo – and besides, tomorrow, you’ve got to go to school. Pinocchio: Why? Geppetto: Oh, to learn...



By Lee

“Tina, eat…Eat the food!” and 5 Other Calls To Action

The great Napoleon (Dynamite), uttered these timeless words in his effort to get his pet Llama to eat her dinner. In his forceful approach, which ended with his hurling the homemade casserole on to the ground, Tina did not respond by eating the food, but rather stepped back, staring at Napoleon with no sign of any intention to eat the food. (This was my same reaction to 7UP Gold, the Flowbee, and John Travolta’s look in Battlefield...



By Lee

Why Content Marketing is Still King

We have heard that content is king. This is true but it should be stated this way: the effective creative strategy and distribution of content is king. Content alone...

Content Marketing

Internet Explorer?

Unfortunately, IE is horrible at displaying the internet.