Design a Difference


By Sydney

Design a Difference

As with any job, the role of a designer can sometimes become tedious and mundane. Seemingly endless social graphics, PowerPoints, and brochures occupy our days. And while all of these things are good, and even necessary, they can become monotonous. As humans, we want to know that we made an impact or a difference in the world. Perhaps as designers, we wish for that even more. That’s why it is important to search out clients...

Keynotes from The Music City


By Sydney

Keynotes from The Music City

Last week, a couple of JIBE’s designers (Sam and I) were fortunate enough to sneak out of the office for a bit and visit the enchanting city of Nashville, land of neon lights and letterpress posters. Besides being on the lookout for some killer food and country music, we were there to attend the annual Brand New Conference.   Nashville But back to the country music and killer food. Because wow. As Nashville newcomers,...

Brand Equity


By Greg

The Changing Nature of Brand Equity

Marketing professionals frequently discuss brand equity as a metric for measuring the strength of a brand. However, very few people can actually define the term, let...

Designer Burnout


By Sydney

Avoid Designer Burnout

There’s something about creative work that can be incredibly draining. Whether you have taken on too many projects, are unmotivated about the ones you have,...

Advertising Beauty


By Greg

The Beauty of Advertising

Times Square in New York City is the unquestionable capital of awe-inspiring advertising. Its large, backlit billboards have become some of the most sought after canvases...

Company Culture


By Sydney

Why Company Culture Matters—From the Eyes of the Once-Terrified Intern

Let’s be honest. Starting any new job is hard. But starting a new job as an inexperienced intern at a creative company full of talented people: that was downright...

Jibe News, People


By Ben

New Hire: Ben Bowen

One of my life goals has been to surround myself with people who will inspire me to improve and excel. After a few years in the healthcare industry and a stint running...

Jibe News, People
Sydney Bishop


By Sydney

New Hire: Sydney Bishop

Hey! My name is Sydney Bishop, and I am the newest JIBE employee. Actually, I’m an intern—that means I get all the fun jobs, right? I moved from Colorado to...

Jibe News, People


By Sam

Five Wins at the AIGA 100 Show

A couple Saturdays ago, the Salt Lake City chapter of AIGA held its annual 100 Show, honoring and showcasing the region’s top 100 best pieces of design. Jibe was...

Jibe News, Recent Projects


By Sam

Lehi City Branding: A Sneak Peek

It’s not very often that a creative agency gets to tackle a rebranding project for a city. But, that’s exactly what Jibe did for Lehi city, a fast-growing town...

Branding, Design, Recent Projects


By Lee

Jibe 2014: Out with the New

2014. What a year! So many good things. So many good people. So many great, fun creative projects for Jibe this year. Some say “out with the old” at the end of...

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By Lee

We Love Brands When They Are Like Our Mother

Remember kaleidoscopes? I think I had one once… or maybe my cousin did… or maybe I just played with one in the toy chest in kindergarten. Whatever my interactions...



By Sam

Cobbler Cove: A Sneak Peek

It’s not often that a new restaurant concept gets introduced to the world. For the past several months, Jibe has been lucky enough to help grow and establish the...

Branding, Design, Recent Projects


By Sam

A Successful Salt Lake Design Week

The week before last marked the fourth annual Salt Lake Design Week, a six-day celebration of all things design and it’s impact on our local community. The broad...

Branding, Design, Interactive, Recent Projects


By Lee

The WHY Game in Marketing

There is a fun game I play with my kids. We call it “The Why Game”. It’s actually really simple. In fact, we stole it from Disney’s Pinnochio. (Watch 10:33-11:10)...

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By Joel

The Cloud, Unicorns, and Marketing

This past weekend I was scouring the web for the best backup solution for all of my family’s home videos, pictures and files. Knowing how important keeping your...

Advertising, Branding


By Greg

Black Box Marketing

Magic tricks come in many varieties, from bunnies and black hats to coins and cards. In all their variety, though, many of the greatest illusions share one thing in...

Advertising Measurement


By Lee

“Tina, eat…Eat the food!” and 5 Other Calls To Action

The great Napoleon (Dynamite), uttered these timeless words in his effort to get his pet Llama to eat her dinner. In his forceful approach, which ended with his hurling...

Content Marketing, Copywriting, Inbound Marketing


By Lee

Why Content Marketing is Still King

We have heard that content is king. This is true but it should be stated this way: the effective creative strategy and distribution of content is king. Content alone...

Content Marketing


By Greg

Establishing Brand Meaning by Exaggeration

In 1923, Pablo Picasso famously said, “Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.” I have found these revealing mistruths to be particularly present...

Brand Image


By Greg

Work on Brand, Not Product

American businesses are in love with product. Our management books, business school lectures, and annual reports have been overtaken by talk of product innovation....



By Sam

Project Spotlight: Newvo Homes Brand Identity, Website & Motion Graphic

Anyone who is part of the design and advertising world has their favorite types of projects to work on. Some prefer to build a new brand identity from the ground up;...

Branding, Design, Recent Projects


By Sam

Jibe Wins Big at the AIGA 100 Show

AIGA, the professional association for design, is a national organization “committed to advancing design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural...

Jibe News, Recent Projects


By Samantha

Simplifying Social Media: Is ROI the Answer?

Human nature drives us to compartmentalize and rationalize the world around us. Clean equations take chaos and turn it into understandable ideas. Synthesizing mass...

Social Media Marketing


By Sam

Grid-based Graphic Design

I’m sure we all remember years ago when we were tiny youngsters learning about the different systems of the body. Just for fun, let’s recap: the skeletal structure...

Branding, Design


By Cyndi

Content Marketing: Sharing is Caring

  Today, we live in a world where we can share more content with more people, faster than we have ever been able to before. Let’s be honest – a huge reason...

Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing


By Cyndi

Getting Up Close and Personal with Instagram

It would seem that Aladdin wasn’t the only one wanting to show someone the world. People are constantly sharing pictures of cool things they’ve done, places they’ve...

Interactive, Social Media Marketing


By Cyndi

Social Media: Not Always a Class Act

Have you ever sent a message to someone it wasn’t intended for and may in fact actually have been about that person? I hate to admit this, but I have done that not...

Branding, Social Media Marketing


By Sam

Squarespace Logo: Merely a Tool, Not a Solution

  Last month, Squarespace, a mobile-ready web design template platform (with an emphasis on good design), unveiled a new tool. It’s called Squarespace Logo,...

Branding, Design


By Cyndi

Facebook decline? Happy Birthday anyway

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook! Over the years the social media giant has been a part of my life as much as exercising and eating. More loved than exercising, but less...

Social Media Marketing


By Braden

Variety: February and Social Media’s Common Ground

Oftentimes, February receives a terrible rap. Many people speak of the February blues, or an “endless” winter. Many might believe that it’s cold, dark, and...

Branding, Social Media Marketing


By Lee

Build Your Brand – Find Your Special Sauce

At Jibe we often talk about the milk and meat of marketing. These fundamental marketing provisions often entail knowing your audience, following a proven strategy,...



By Sam

The Cyclical Nature of Design Trends

This past weekend I went to see Spike Jonze’s her, a film about a man who, recently-separated from his wife, falls in love with his newly purchased operating system—OS1....



By Cyndi

2014 Marketing: A Lesson from Shel Silverstein

Do you remember the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein? Well, if not, spoiler alert, it’s the one where a tree gives away everything it has–from its...

Integrated Marketing


By Greg

Your 2013 Marketing Trends

By almost any measure, 2013 was an interesting year. Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the Oscars, Justin Bieber’s pet monkey was confiscated, and Miley Cyrus swung into...

Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Integrated Marketing


By Elise

The Best of the Best for Design Inspiration

I’m doing something a bit different today. Instead of passing along advice or design information, I’ve decided to let you, the reader, take the wheel and...



By Lee

BE Something: The Importance of Brand Influence

What’s the most important thing for your business? Revenue. Peter Drucker, famous management consultant, said, “A business exists to create a customer.” If you...



By Braden

Instagram Do’s and Don’ts for Your Business

By now, you probably understand that it’s important (maybe even crucial) for your business to have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or a LinkedIn profile. You’re...

Social Media Marketing


By Joel

The 5 Must Have’s of a Successful Email Campaign

Let’s face it. It’s getting harder and harder for an email to be an effective tool for a successful marketing campaign. Most of us do everything we can...

Advertising, Integrated Marketing
Creating Design Opportunities


By Elise

Creating Design Opportunities: Your Choice & Attitude

I used to be a whiner–a really good whiner. Lessons, choirs, school dances, pretty much anything that didn’t include cartoon network or video games was thoroughly...



By Sam

The Language of Color and Visual Identity

Recently, Jibe had the pleasure of presenting logo color concepts for a new brand we’re helping to develop. In one of our discussions with the client, we covered...

Branding, Design


By Greg

Direct Response Marketing: More Than JUST Infomercials

Take a quick look around your house.  Do you have a blanket with sleeves, an oscillating office chair, or a can of spray-on hair?  If so, you’ve probably been...

Integrated Marketing

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